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CI Station™

CI Station
CI-1000 Kit

CI STATION™  Component Kit
Does not include adapter cables listed below 

CI STATION™ provides a simple interface from any PC to any Controls Inc display or XCAN product.  The CI STATION™ system is very simple but also very powerful.

  • Review, upload, save and download settings from CI STATION™ to display, panel or XCAN product

  • Create unique engine or equipment specific settings or configurations

  • Download equipment specific settings in high volume production environments

  • Boot load new or updated product versions

  • Integrated tutorial of all configurations and settings available in a particular display, panel or XCAN product


CI STATION™ Profiles

  • Each configuration of settings that is saved is called a "profile".

  • Each profile is saved as a file just like a Word or Excel document.

  • Profiles can be emailed just like any other type of file.


CI STATION™ Application
To download the latest version of the CI STATION™ application 
Click Here.


CI STATION™ Cable Kit & Adapter Cables
To order the CI STATION™ base cable kit (P/N CI-1000) and the adapter cables 
Click Here.

  • CI-1000 Base Cable Kit

  • 70-0908 Adapter for C SERIES, CX SERIES and XL SERIES displays

  • 70-0909 Adapter for 21-Pin Panel Connectors

  • 70-0928 Adapter for MX SERIES

  • 70-0963 Adapter for RX SERIES

  • No adapter required for MVP SERIES or TT-100


CI STATION™ Reference Information

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