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CI CONNECT™  Component Kit
Includes Radio and required harnessing.

With years of experience integrating engine control displays and panels with telemetry and remote monitoring systems, Controls Inc knows what customers need and understands the range of solutions available.  This experience is the basis for CI-CONNECT™, a best-in-category telemetry product with a simple and cost effective business model.


CI-CONNECT™ is a one-stop telemetry solution where every aspect of the customer experience from product implementation to telemetry system management to customer support to billing is managed by a single point of contact.


CI-CONNECT™ is available as a turnkey telemetry solution or “bundled” with a Controls Inc panel for an all-in-one solution.

  • Cell service options to match geographic requirements

  • Monitor engine/equipment (asset) operation

  • Monitor asset alarms and faults

  • Track asset location

  • Two-way communications with asset

  • Website portal to view and manage assets and billing

CI-CONNECT™ Reference Information

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