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*Note: Not all MVP displays share the same connector pinouts. Pinout varies based on product part number.


Drop-In Replacement for PV101-C


Murphy by Enovation Controls has recently announced the discontinuation of their PowerView display module, part number PV101-C. For a plug and play, direct drop-in replacement, please order Controls Inc. part number MVP-101-C.


Same Mounting Hole

The MVP-101-C mounts in the same 2” mounting hole as the PV101-C.  Mounting ring included for a secure installation. No need for any changes to mounting hole.


Same A and B Connectors with Same Pin Functions

The MVP-101-C has the same two 6-pin Deutsch connectors and the connectors have the same pin functions as the PV-101-C. Use existing PV101-C wiring, harnesses and connectors with the MVP-101-C. No need for any changes to existing wiring.


Smaller Physical Envelope

The MVP-101-C fits inside the dimensional envelop of the PV101-C. This means it will fit into any existing PV101-C installation.


Same Screen Information and Fault Codes

The MVP-101-C provides the same engine operating information, fault codes and alarm lamps. Covers all engine makes, model and tier levels.


Engine Mfr Selection

Install the MVP-101-C on any engine make, model or tier level. The ENGINE MFR selection in the Quick Set Up is set to engine manufacturer. Quick Set Up instructions are provided and our technical support team is available for any questions.



A and B Connectors

The MVP-101-C has two 6-pin Deutsch connectors.


A/1 - Module Power B+

A/2 - CAN+

A/3 - CAN-

A/4 - Fuel Level

A/5 - Digital Input (B-)

A/6 - Module Ground B-


B/1 - Gauges B+ Supply

B/2 - Gauges 5vdc Supply



B/5 - Output B- (100mA)

B/6 - Gauges B- Supply

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