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The TT SERIES throttle knobs for J1939 engines provide the look and feel of a traditional throttle knob.  Water tight, rugged unit with water tight, plug and play connector.  Easy-to-configure settings to define ENGINE MANUFACTURER, TSC ADDRESS, MINIMUM SPEED, MAXIMUM SPEED, RAMP RATE, BUMP SPEED, RPM PER ROTATION and more.  Settings are configurable through the TT SERIES unit or using the Controls Inc CI STATION PC-to-Controller programming tool.  

Clockwise rotation to increase speed and counter clockwise rotation to decrease speed.  Each "click" of the knob changes speed by the selected BUMP SPEED.  Built-in PRESS-TO-IDLE allows operator to push down on knob for immediate reduction of speed to selected MINIMUM SPEED.

Two configurable digital inputs are available to integrate throttle operation with equipment requirements.  A partial list of standard digital input settings include, ramp to MINIMUM SPEED, ramp to MAXIMUM SPEED, ramp UP, ramp DOWN, KNOB OFF and KNOB ON.  Configuration of digital input settings require CI STATION PC-to-Controller programming tool or need to be pre-set as a factory setting.

LED's are provided to verify J1939 communications and for configuration settings code flash assistance.  Configuration setting instructions are provided on the bottom side of the unit.

• Operating Voltage: 5.5VDC to 36VDC
• Maximum Current at 12.6VDC: 150mA
• Reverse Polarity Protection: YES
• Transient Voltage Protection: YES
• Load Dump Protection: YES

• Digital Inputs: 2 (Configurable N/O or N/C)

• J1939 CANbus

• Enclosure: IP67
• Connectors: Deutsch DT Series
• Approx. Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs.

• Operating/Storage Range: -40°F/-40°C to 176°F/80°C

• Local Settings via Selection Button
CI STATION (PC to Controller)


Image of a TT SERIES throttle knob installed into a specialized, equipment specific CONTROL PANEL showing how the technology provided by the MVP SERIES controller and TT SERIES throttle knob can be combined to create a simple, intuitive operator interface.

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