Click on the tabs below to review the services and resources available to support Controls, Inc. customers.  Service technicians are available to provide assistance and answer questions over the phone.  Whether you have a basic question, need a product manual or require assistance with troubleshooting, we are here to help.

PHONE: 330.239.4345

Below is a guide to product information that can be found on the website. Our service technicians are available to provide additional product information that you may need.

General Information
General product information is provided in the products section of the website.  Additional information on individual product features and functions is provided in the featureFINDER section.

Individual product data sheets are provided in the products section of the website.  If you have additional questions or want more detailed information, our service technicians are available.

General information on product operation and installation is provided in the education center.  Contact a service technician for additional questions or information.

Installation Help

Product manuals and wiring information are available to assist with product installation.  And, you can always call into a service technician with any questions or to request any specific information.  Have the product part number and serial number which will expedite our ability to provide assistance.  This information is provided on the product label.

Trouble Shooting

Our service technicians are experienced with assisting customers over the phone whether they are in the field or in the shop.  They can provide assistance with panel operation, panel installation and wiring.  They are also experienced with many different engines both mechanical and J1939.

Having the part number and serial number of the control product will expedite the service process and allow us to provide better assistance.  This information is located on the part number label.Most Controls, Inc. products provide feedback through display messages and indication lamps to help communicate any system problems. Make note of the specific messages and lamps and be ready to pass them on to the service technicians upon calling in.  We are always ready to assist with translating or interpreting any fault codes that are being broadcast and displayed.

Product Repair

Some products that have been damaged can be returned for repair. An RMA (Return of Merchandise Authorization) must be obtained prior to returning any items. The RMA instructions and form can be printed from the link below.RMA Instructions & Form

Fax the completed form to 330.239.2845 and an RMA# will be assigned. Follow the shipping instructions and be sure to include the RMA# on the shipping label. Upon receiving the unit, a quote will be provided if the unit can be repaired. The quote must be approved prior to any repair work being completed.

Product Warranty

Controls, Inc. provides a limited warranty on all manufactured products that it determines to be defective in materials and/or workmanship, under normal use, for a period of two years from the date of sale, unless otherwise stated.  The liability is limited to replacing or repairing any part or parts which are proved by the buyer as defective.  The part or parts must be returned with thirty days after a defect is discovered with shipping charges prepaid.  An RMA (Return of Merchandise Authorization) must be obtained prior to returning items.  Parts replaced or repaired shall carry the unexpired portion of the original warranty.  Controls, Inc. will verify the warranty status of any part or parts returned.  The warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper installation, neglect or abuse.  Controls, Inc. is not liable for any damage done by unauthorized repair work or unauthorized misapplication in non-suitable environments.Controls, Inc. is not liable for any loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from the use of the units or from any other cause except as expressly stated in the warranty.  Controls, Inc. is not liable for and the buyer waives any right or action it has or may have for any consequential or special damages arising out of any breach of warranty, and for any damages buyer may claim for damage to any property or injury or death to any person arising out of its purchase or use, operation or maintenance of the product.  Controls, Inc. will not be liable for any labor subcontracted or performed by buyer for preparation of warranted item for return to factory or for preparation work for field repair or replacement.

Product Literature

To obtain a product manual or specific wiring information, just call in and ask for a service technician.  The appropriate information will be forwarded as requested.Two and three dimensional CAD drawings can be provided upon request.  An NDA between your organization and Controls, Inc. is required for the release of these files.

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