Controls, Inc.

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Integrating Engines & Equipment with Remote Monitoring Devices and Systems
Controls Inc controllers and panels provide a seamless communications bridge between your engine or piece of equipment and the spectrum of remote monitoring systems available today including SCADA, PLC's and telemetry. 

Two-Way Communication
The communication interface can be two-way meaning that monitoring and control can go both ways between devices which is common for SCADA, PLC and telemetry applications.  This allows your equipment to become a "node" on these systems for seamless operation.

Controllers with Integrated Telemetry
Controls Inc controllers are designed to operate seamlessly with all telemetry products and systems.  Controllers can be provided pre-configured from the factory for a particular telemetry system and control panels can be provided with telemetry hardware and antennas pre-installed.  Controls Inc worked directly with a number of telemetry provides for complete turnkey telemetry solutions with only one point of contact for product, sales and after sales service.

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