Maintaining pump operation within the designated pump curves is critical to achieving efficient pump operation and avoiding grave pitfalls such as cavitation and premature pump failure.  With years of experience as a technology leader in pump monitoring and control, Controls Inc is able to provide a full range of pump monitoring and control solutions integrated through our PUMP CURVE COMMANDER™ suite of pump curve management technologies.

The PUMP CURVE COMMANDER™ suite of pump curve management technologies is integrated directly into the Controls Inc product platforms and can range from basic pump monitoring and standard alarms to complete engine and pump control that constricts pump operation inside the pump curve parameters.

For diesel engine driven pumps, the PUMP CURVE COMMANDER™ determines with a high degree of accuracy where the pump is operating on its curve, makes sure the pump only operates in the acceptable range and makes adjustments so it is operating in the "sweet spot".  Warnings, alarms and other display messages and output signal can be layered or added to the system as required.

Pump Curve Boss™

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