Controls, Inc.

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Engine & Equipment Control
Controls Inc provides a complete line of controllers and panels to operate diesel and gas engines, electric motors and all types of off-highway equipment.  This "scope of control" expands to include process control to deliver engine and equipment operation seamlessly coordinated with the required process inputs.  

Multiple Controller/Panel Installations
Controls Inc's MULTIPLEX and COOPERATIVE THROTTLE technologies provide seamless start/stop and throttle control between multiple controllers on a single engine.  As multiple display and control stations become more common, standard "off-the-shelf" options are available and can be provided with custom length plug and play harnesses for a complete installation.

Controls Inc MULTIPLEX Technology
Provides seamless start and stop for multiple controller installations.  For example, push button start from controller A and then push button stop from controller A, B, C or D.  

Controls Inc COOPERATIVE THROTTLE Technology
Provides seamless throttle control for multiple controller installations.  For example, increase throttle from controller B and the decrease throttle from controller A, B, C or D while maintain the same minimum speed, maximum speed and ramp rate.

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