A wide range of standard generator display and panel options are available from a generator specific MVP SERIES or C SERIES controller to a complete panel with enclosure, key switch and plug and play connector.  Manual and auto start/stop operation are available.  Generator panels are coupled with the Controls Inc XCAN-AC generator-to-J1939 module that is installed in the generator end and communicates all generator information to the panel via the J1939 CANbus.  Generator panels monitor AC VOLTS, AMPS, FREQUENCY, PHASE ANGLE, KW, POWER FACTOR, KVA and TOTALIZING KWH.  

Controls Inc generator displays and panels are excellent for auto start applications, installations that require multiple panels/remote annunication and installations that require seamless communications to SCADA, telemetry or other remote monitoring systems and devices.  Talk with an application engineer about a generator control system for your application or installation.


Complete plug and play panels for marine applications that include the MVP SERIES or C SERIES engine controller for any mechanical or J1939 engines.  Panels can be provided with GAUGES, KEY SWITCH (removable key) or KEY LEVER, PUSH-TO-START/PUSH-TO-STOP BUTTONS, DIMMER SWITCH, ALARM HORN and ALARM HORN SILENCE BUTTONS.  When used with the Controls Inc XTRAN module, transmission temperature and transmission pressure gauges can be added (which includes high transmission temperature and low transmission pressure alarms).

Controls Inc marine panels are excellent for installations that require multiple panels.  Put one panel in the engine room and another in the main bridge.  Then, simply connect custom length plug and play harnesses for a simple, seamless installation.  Talk with an application engineer about a marine control system for your application or installation.

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