Engine and Equipment Display, Monitoring and Control

Applying the power of the microprocessor to engine and equipment display, monitoring and control.  Rugged, simple-to-operate technology for today's sophisticated engines and equipment backed by industry expertise and a commitment to customer service.

MVP Series

Complete engine display and alarms for mechanical and J1939 engines in a compact, 4" diameter gauge that installs into a 2" hole. The ruggedized, waterproof unit with watertight, plug and play connectors comes with an easy-to-read OLED display that provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and performance to -40°F/ -40°C.

C Series

 All of the functions and toughness of the MVP SERIES with a larger display, sophisticated throttle options, a full portfolio of flexible inputs and outputs and powerful communication options.  The C SERIES excels at integrating engine and equipment monitoring and control in a single, powerful controller with the ability to seamlessly integrate with remote monitoring devices and systems including telemetry, PLCs, and SCADA.

XL Series

PLC power with full graphical display that is purpose specific to engine and equipment monitoring and control.  Out of the box, the ruggedized, water tight unit provides complete engine display, monitoring and a broad range of advanced control options.  Easy-to-configure I/O is available to monitor and control other engine and equipment sensors, devices and components for a single system controller.  The large OLED display is configurable to provide specific information for your equipment or application.  CANbus, Modbus and Ethernet communications provides seamless integration with other components, hardware or systems.

J1939 Communication & Control

XCAN SERIES - J1939 Communication and Control 

Family of rugged, water tight modules that translate real world physical parameters and signals to J1939 or utilize J1939 commands to control relays or output signals for physical control.  Can be used independently or combined with the Controls Inc MVP, C and XL SERIES controllers.

  • XCAN - Engine to J1939 Module
  • XTRAN - Transmission to J1939 Module
  • XCAN-AC - Generator to J1939 Module
  • XCAN-IO - Configurable J1939 Expansion Input/Output Module
  • XCAN-MOD - Modbus to J1939/J1939 to Modbus Converter

TT SERIES - J1939 Throttle Control Knob

An independent throttle knob for J1939 engines with the look and feel of a traditional throttle knob and simple speed configuration selections.  Available with configurable inputs and logic control for qualified throttle operation.  Water tight connector for plug and play installation.

MSG/DSG SERIES - J1939 Displays (Non-Engine)

Ruggedized, water tight displays with easy-to-configure screens showing to show up to two J1939 parameters (MSG SERIES) or six J1939 parametres (DSG Series) on a single screen.  Includes configurable alarm and output logic signals.

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