Controls Inc - Leader in Pump Control Technology

With our experienced, in-house team of engineering resources and our ability to design product specific hardware and software, Controls Inc is able to bring cutting edge technology to our pump OEM customers.  Controls Inc works closely with its pump OEMs as part of a continuous improvement and new technology implementation process to assure that customers are getting the maximum benefit out of today's latest technologies applied for pump monitoring, control, operation and communications.  We are consistently focused on what can be incorporated into the pump control system to improve, enhance and expand pump operation.   Controls Inc is unique in its ability to combine today's cutting edge technology with its experience and expertise in pump control.

Controls Inc Advantages

Controls Inc provides key strategic, product and support advantages that under the microscope of a robust due diligence process reveals that Controls Inc is the clear vendor of choice for pump control and pump control panels.

  • All Electronics Designed and Engineered In-House, All Software Written In-House, All Display Platforms Designed and Engineered In-House
  • Ruggedized Design for Best-In-Class Field Performance in Most Challenging Environments, All Products and Components Rated IP67
  • Technology from Years of Experience with Pump Applications, Pump OEMs and Pump Rental Companies Integrated into Our Products
  • Cutting Edge Pump Operation Technology for Unattented/Automated Pump Operation Based on Years of Experience with Pump OEM's
  • Best-In-Class Communications for Seamless Integration with External Systems & Devices (including ZTR telemetry, SCADA, PLC's, Internet)
  • Single Pump Panel to Cover All Engine Makes and Models (Including Integrated Regeneration and Emissions Operation for All Emissions Tiers and EU Stages)
  • Simple Password Protected Access to Change Panel Settings for Each Application (Do Not Need Computer to Change Basic Operation Settings)
  • CI STATION PC-to-Controller Application for Production Environments
  • 24-Hour On-Call Service Phone Number
  • Team of Service Techs Specific to Providing Customer/Field Technical Assistance
  • Formal Training Programs for On-Going Customer Education
  • Standard Two-Week Lead-Time to Minimize Customer Stocking Requirements
  • Emergency "Machine Down" Stocking Available
  • Ability to Add Additional Communications, Input/Output Capabilities and Other Pump Control Technologies Specific to United Rentals
  • Ability to Add Additional Pump Monitoring Functions Such as:
    1. Pump Inlet/Outlet Pressure Monitoring
    2. Cavitation Monitoring
    3. Excessive Pump Vibration Detection
    4. Pump Curve Monitoring
  • Proprietary Panels and Private Labeling Available for United Rentals


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Controls Inc - Proprietary Display & Operation for United Rentals

Display and Panel Examples (MX SERIES Shown Below)

LOFA Replacement Panel

Controls Inc has engineered a proprietary panel for the United Rentals organization that includes operation of both the current LOFA panel and current Controls Inc panel (supplied to the Baker organization) with the same footprint and connectors as the current LOFA panel.  This plug and play panel allows the United Rentals organization to proceed forward with a single pump panel for all installations.

This includes all of the advanced operation provided with Controls Inc panels along with the communications necessary for seamless installation with the current (and any future) United Rentals telemetry systems.


Mounting bracket and connectors provide the same form factor as the LOFA panel.



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