Agriculture Applications
Engine display and control for agriculture applications and equipment range from gauges and displays to complete dash board installations.

For stationary equipment such as pumps, generators and other engine driven farm equipment, a number of panel options are available that provide the required display, control and operation and are built to withstand the tough environmental conditions encountered on the farm.

Take advantage of higher level control features available to integrate engine and equipment operation into a single control panel.  One panel to run your equipment that integrates engine operation with all other components and devices for seamless operation.  It is now simple to provide the required display, operation and coordination in a single panel that is easy-to-install and easy-to-use.  Whether you have special throttle requirements, clutch control needs or safety interlock requirements, Controls, Inc. can provide a control panel to address the application.

For unattended applications such as irrigation, solutions are available that manage all aspects of operation from auto start/stop to auto throttle.  Whether you system is based on scheduled times, floats, levels, pressures or temperatures, an integrated and automated control system is available.

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